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Instinct Martial Arts – Get a kickstart to the new school year

For most children, the thought of going back to school is made exciting by the fact that it’s a chance for them to catch up with all of their friends and talk about what they got up to in the holidays. For others however, it could be the thing they’re dreading, for fear of running into the school bullies and not having the confidence to do or say anything.

But there’s a way to ensure your kids are getting a kickstart to the new school year whilst also learning self-defence and courage.

We’re currently offering one week of free training to children looking to try out martial arts, which could be the confidence boost they’re looking for.

Here they can learn:

  • The basics of kickboxing and Thai boxing
  • How to be a team player
  • Communication skills
  • Co-ordination
  • How to relieve stress
  • Strengthening muscle tone exercises
  • Confidence building skills
  • Self-defence

Whilst going back to school may present your little ones with more opportunities to keep active, the age of smart phones and video games are also something parents continuously have to battle with. After a long day back at school the last thing your child wants to think about is exercise – but what if it wasn’t seen that way?

These exciting and upbeat classes allow your child to become more active whilst learning discipline, building strength and having fun. Our self-defence classes could be the perfect after-school activity to ensure they burn off some energy, learn respect and make new friends.

Your child will have so much fun they won’t even know they’re also burning calories and strengthening muscle tone. And what’s more, if they keep up the classes and attend at least one a week, they’re really notice the added benefits of improved concentration and focus as well as stress relief.

So, if you think your children could benefit from giving martial arts a go, find out more about how you can book them onto one of our sessions here: https://www.instinctmartialarts.co.uk/contact

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