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Instinct Martial Arts – Our story

When we set up Instinct Martial Arts in 2011, we did it with one goal in mind: to create a high-quality martial arts gym, with expert instructors in a welcoming atmosphere where there are no egos.

Fast forward 7 years and we have a gym where people from all ages come to train and enjoy themselves all whilst keeping fit and gaining valuable skills.

We’ve started this blog to give something back to our growing community of gym users and encourage those who want to give it a try to come and visit us. Throughout this monthly journal, we will be exploring different techniques and tips that can be applied to training, as well as discussing the number of benefits practising martial arts has.

Our Middlesbrough martial arts classes give a well-rounded workout to gym goers with different needs. So whether you’re looking to improve your technique, lose weight or are simply here just to give it a go, you’re safe in the knowledge you’re in the right place.

So, what do we offer that sets us apart from everyone else? Well…

  • The home of no egos

We provide a relaxed environment for our gym goers so they never feel intimidated or like they can’t give something a try

  • Wealth of experience in different types of martial arts

Our Senior Instructor Jamie has more than 26 years’ experience in martial arts, so you can come to our classes knowing you’re in safe hands

  • Equipment fit for experts

Our expertly equipped gym means you can begin and further your training with the latest gear, whatever your goals may be.

  • Especially designed classes for technique and fitness

Our classes are specifically designed by our experienced instructor to give you a full body workout and assist with weight loss, all whilst strengthening muscle tone and improving physique.

  • Our lovely regulars

We’re a big believer in the community and family feel of our gym and our lovely regulars are always around to show their support to people looking to try martial arts for the first time

  • And on top of that, we have a fantastic team who are always happy to help

Our team includes:

Name: Jamie Muldowney
Age: 40
Role: Senior Coach
Experience: 32 years Kempo/ karate/ K1/ Muay Thai/ Kali/ Grappling/ self-defence
Favourite famous martial artist: Saenchai
Favourite martial arts movie: Bloodsport
Biggest achievement: Starting Instinct
Best part about Instinct?: Has to be its members they make the gym what it is.

Name: Ian Hindshaw
Age: 53
Role: coach
Experience: Karate wado/ Lau Gar kung fu/ Kickboxing/ JKD/ Doce pares/ Balintawak/ Boxing
Favourite famous martial artist: Bruce Lee
Favourite martial arts movie: Enter the dragon
Biggest achievement: Being awarded black belt
Best part about Instinct?: The training and the people

Name: Rebeca Sadler
Age: 37
Role: Senior assistant coach
Experience: 7 yeas K1 and Muay Thai
Favourite famous martial artist: Bruce Lee
Favourite martial arts movie: Kickboxer
Biggest achievement: In training it getting the opportunity to teach, Outside of training its my three boys.
Best part about Instinct?: The members, they are welcoming and really do want you to grow. This is something Jamie has put in the club that is deep rooted and is the most attractive trait for me.

Name: Shamraz Khan
Age: 16
Role: Junior assistant Coach
Experience: 3 years K1 and Muay Thai
Favourite famous martial artist: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Favourite martial arts movie: Kickboxer
Biggest achievement: Being sponsored to compete
Best part about Instinct?: Everyone helps each other if they need help. The gym is like a family.




So, if you want to be a part of this growing community and hub of activity, why not find out more about our training sessions here: https://www.instinctmartialarts.co.uk/training

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